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A popular online game made by Gamevial, where you play as various animals, and hunt or escape to survive. It would have huge potential, if it were not for the ease found in hacking the game, and the unplayability of the singleplayer. Hackers are able to teleport, kill players from a huge distance, and make themselves invincible, which makes playing multiplayer with a hacker an infuriating experience. Singleplayer isn't much different, as the NPC creatures can tell exactly where the player is, and will immediately crowd to kill the player, making it difficult to survive for longer than a few minutes. For these reasons, Lif is sometimes known as one of the most infuriating games on the internet.

The game is also hindered by the mass of young teens claiming entire servers for their wolf RPs.
"Hey, do you play Lif?"
"I did... but then I got sick of being stuck on servers with Aylin and getting killed instantly."

"How do people get the top scores on Lif?"
"Hackers, my friend... hackers."
by HintHint October 18, 2013
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LIF, mom says u shuld b home early for Dinner

LIF, Tracy the ho opted to give jammie a BJ
by Frosh May 18, 2014
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An acronym for “Life Is Fantastic,” LIF has its roots in ancient Greek philosophy. It has evolved over time to be included in the 21st century jargon of highly intelligent, laid-back, fun, and fashion-forward people of all ages and backgrounds who believe that a life well-lived is a life spent enjoying one’s family, friends, community, and the things that make each of us happy.

Socrates (469 BC-399 BC): “Not life, but a LIFE THAT IS FANTASTIC, is to be chiefly valued.” Sadly, the guy translating this from Greek made it “Not life, but good life,” and we all know that fantastic beats good - in any language!
Wall Street executives, AIG conventioneers, and those voted off Survivor prior to injury or illness taking them out: "LIF!"
by ybsorry September 07, 2010
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Some f*@# tards way of misspelling life and not changing it before posting it as his status on facebook
I still need a date for Saturday and I love lif.
by Mr. Beenz October 28, 2008
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LIF is an acronym that comes from the 4 day Kairos retreat. One the forth day you are supposed to live out Christ's message for you. After the retreat, many of the people tell each other of "Live the Forth" or the fourth day of retreat. They can also use "LIF"
Remember to live the forth


HEY LIF today
by jesus_freak November 26, 2012
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Life Is Fun.

An acronym that shows the user's current feeling of admiration for life. Also used as an excuse for extravagant ideas to develop into actions.

Less hedonistic that the commonly used term 'YOLO'; more an appreciation of the fun possibilities life offers.
1. One takes a moment to ponder during an enjoyable activity with friends and murmurs 'LIF', under one's breath.

A: 'Shall we go skiing next weekend'
B: 'Why?'
A: 'Cos LIF'
B: 'Yeah, we should go! LIF'
A&B: (in synchrony) 'LIF'

(A & B smile)
by SamLIF April 26, 2012
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