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the most beautiful bestfriend you could ever have!! she is so amazing. a girl you can always count on to make you laugh. she is very loveable. a very pretty girl with some deep dimples. she sucks at bowling tho. did i say she was beautiful, she is. she is also a playa.
Oh her name must be Liezl.
by ibanlewie August 05, 2011
the most beautiful girl you will ever meet she is an amazing person, an amazing singer, she loves dragons and the colour green and she will always be there for her friends. she is kind and caring and everyone loves her.
wow she is a real Liezl
by evil green dragon June 28, 2011
1. The name of a stripper ho who enjoys looking up different sex positions and ways to "spice up" sex life.

2. The name you yell when you feel like you have found a satisfactory way on the internet to turn yourself on.
Oh my goodness, Liezl!
by Joyce Pan November 18, 2010
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