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Not to be confused with a Hasbian. Your ex girlfriend, who in fact was never gay. You were her experiment and she was "bi curious" but knew you would not date her with that orientation. She never actually was a lesbian, lied about being one and no longer seeks relationships with females.
(Woman) Oh did you hear? My ex Alexia is now engaged to Derek and my other ex Tracey moved to California to be with her BOYfriend. I am so sick of LIEsbians!
by Dimples701 November 28, 2011
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When two girls pretend to be gay to get men's attention. The most annoying and misleading people everywhere.
Boy 1: Did you see Suzanne making out with Peggy? I didn't know Suzanne was gay!
Boy 2: She's a total liesbian! She's dating Kyle
Boy1: Ew what a loser!
by ;) A person ;) November 07, 2011
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