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Fox News
Fox News Lies
by yummyyumu February 27, 2011
47 21
A word shouted in disbelief after a shocking statement, in thinking that this statement is a lie.
Joey: I killed spongebob.
Alex: Lies!
by oh happy days! June 29, 2009
29 7
A crazy bitch who is loud and likes to have fun.
Omg, who wants to go to the club and get wild this weekend so we can act like Ly?
by pepnips November 13, 2011
33 25
A false statement presented as truth.
I can see through all your lies.
by HT January 26, 2004
36 30
generic term for a fake item, or an item that does not live up to its name
searching usenet for music, i find 300 copies of the song with an exe extension, all lies
by Casey Coburn February 02, 2009
16 11
Something said after a false statement has been made. Teal'c sais it a lot.
O'niell: The Goa'uld are false gods!
Teal'c: Lies!
by Frogurt! May 19, 2006
27 23
When something is really good, often used sarcastically. Usually said in a Norn Iron (Northern Irish) accent.
Bob: I just hit a first year on the head with a snowball. That's lies!
by Hey_moon December 02, 2010
5 4