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When a man or a woman is performing an oral sex act thus causing the other party to become out of control; to not be able to control your bodily actions ; out of control wild, crazy, sex fiend.
T- Bo : What tricks can you do with that mouth?
Mindy : Some strange stuff ya heard me
T- Bo: That don't make sense, show me
Mindy: Good! I like making you shake anyway with this tongue. You love getting licked out!!
T-Bo : Umm.
by ManyChanges504 April 22, 2015
to eat out
dave: man i rly want to licked out that girl
scott: ew
by karate kidd June 24, 2014
Another way to say that you're TIRED.
I had a such a long day digging up the garden...I'm licked out!

or just, I'm fucking licked mate!
by surfdudeash October 02, 2009

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