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3 definitions by i♥ue

Lick out means to pleasure a girls vagina with your tongue. Could be male or female who does this with their tongue. This gives the female sexual pleasure, especially if you tease her clit.
I got licked out last night for the first time, it was great as his head went in-between my thighs and his tongue entered my vagina. (lick out)
by i♥ue May 24, 2011
To make out with someone is touching one another and french kissing (snogging) -> Swapping spit with another.

Making out usually lasts 5 minuets..

It much better than normal kissing (:

It makes you feel good , and you keep on wanting more ;)
i make out alot with that special boy :') (LL)
by i♥ue August 13, 2010
Spanish word meaning crazy.
El es un poco loco -> He's abit crazy.
by i♥ue August 08, 2010