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Many liberals are smart people with reasonalbe views(I am not a liberal,however not conservative either.) However, Many retarted teenagers like the ones that go to my school just watch MTV and say, hay Mike Jones hates Bush, that must mean he sucks. These are the people giving liberals a bad name. Liberals and Conservatives need to stop bashing each other and just fucking do something about the world.
MTV Watching Teenager: Dude, Bush sucks even though I don't know anything about him or what he does.
Any teen with a brain: Shut up you gay poser liberal. You make Bush look like an absolute genius.
by stevedawg13 May 18, 2006
531 308
Liberals are whiney, moral-lacking, tree-hugging, pot-smoking, butt-fucking, communists who are poisoning america's youth.

see: asshole,moron,clinton
Liberals like Bill Clinton and his Communist wife Hillary, should die.
by ConservativeGirlsDoItBetter October 28, 2007
442 222
A truly compassionate person. One who thinks that there is more to life than making money. Unlike conservatives, believes that government has a responsiblity to take care of ALL citizens, not just the white, wealth males.
Liberals are responsible for pulling America out of the Great Depression, creating Medicare and keeping the Christian Coalition from taking over your life.
by Middle America March 30, 2004
704 486
A word Americans has no clue as to its meaning.
Another derogatory word used by small minded bible pushing hypocrites to box anyone that has an opposing view.
Progressive thinker in an evolving society
Oh…last but not least, a person that does not agree that W.M.D spells liberation.

“Was watching Fox news and this liberal dude with the glasses next to Sean Hannity (the Jewish looking one they seem to invite every night) must be a fag as he did not agree with Ann Coulter and made her mad…she tried hard to explain in English that WMD spells liberation, he even objected to her idea of us nuking France”

by Libby Rawl October 04, 2005
602 392
One who is polically speaking, party neutral. One who examines both sides of an issue before making a stance, and also will re-examine their stance upon presentation of new evidence.
A liberals views are not limited by bigotry, tradition, dogma, tradtion, etc. They are based on the results of their own observations and investigations into a subject from as many sides as possible.
While the liberal prefers to use logic over emotion, it does not mean he is without a heart. A liberal is just a capable of compassion as another man. He only tries to avoid the irrationality that can result from stong emotions.
Are you a Republican or a Democrat? Neither I'm a liberal.
by MrBobaFett October 28, 2004
647 437
a word to describe people who actually think about what is right in american politics
i am liberal and proud of it
by bob April 17, 2005
672 468
The top percentage of intelligence in America. Unfortunately, their are enough conservatives to simply overwhelm Liberals, especially in the uneducated and regilious zealot redneck states.
New York voted for John Kerry even when it was attacked by terrorists. Conservatives response to the terrorist attacks were to invade one country that had very little to do with 9/11 attacks and another that had absolutely nothing to do with it. What retards.
by booser July 20, 2005
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