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(n) semen
(adj) asshole/dickhead/motherfucker
(pr) that bastard
Il-liba! - "Impressive" and/or "Oh shit!"

F'oxx il-liba ommok - literal "In the cunt of your semen mother" in other words, more subtly translated to "Fuck you"

Il-liba imqaddsa! - literal "Holy semen" also known as "Oh sod it all" and/or "Holy fuck/shit"
by blackrose August 26, 2003
Liba is a maltese word for sperm. In the maltese language it is widely used to offend people, and is directed to those persons that want to fuck someone else. There are other meanings too.
foxx il-liba ttir - which in english means - in the cunt of the flying sperm. This example is used as fuck is used in the english language.
by W. John E. Attard August 25, 2003
Inti Liba! Used to heavily offend people in the Maltese Language
by Kros August 25, 2003
To be a absolute legend, to rock ones jock, a champ amongst champs
Sam and James what a liba!
by Zoggy March 09, 2013
Little Idoit Bitching About Shit
Thus guy is being a LIBAS.
by Pure Retard May 21, 2015
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