Top Definition
Low-flying bird.
Damn, that lfb almost hit my car. It should've been more mindful of its flight decisions.
by Shannoonaboo March 29, 2011
LFB is an acronym for the phrase that a guy calls his girlfriend.

Usually results in girlfriend dumping guy.
You're my little fat bitch. (LFB)
by woopsydaisy February 22, 2012
Large Flopping Boob , a large boob that is atractive yet sags in a depressing way...
Person one : I im 10th prestige on modern warfare two :D
Person two: your such an lfb :/
by teh rockster April 27, 2011
Little Fat Boy. Used to describe an attractive overweight guy.
Did you see that new guy in our math class? He is definitely an LFB.
by T-top September 09, 2006
Lucky Fat Bitch, a rather rotund women who is very lucky.
That LFB just won a car on the price is right
by Juaffe June 22, 2010
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