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Pronounced Lex-een, adjective; noun

1. A compliment, a flawless girl that you are in love with.
-You are such a Lexine, and I want you to be mine.

2. A quiet girl with glasses who often dyes her hair. Usually watches anime and loves the computer, though isn't a weaboo
-A Lexine is the kind of friend I'd want to have!

3. A girl who would make a perfect housewife. Loves to sew, cook, clean.
-My girlfriend is such a Lexine! I swear I'll marry her!
Josh: Hey, Lexine!

Sarah: My name's not Lexine!

Josh: Look it up on Urban Dictionary, you fool!
by ImCanadia! December 01, 2011
1) The best looking girl you will ever see!
2) The most stubborn girl you will ever meet!
3) The craziest person ever, someone you will find hilarious and have so much fun with!
4) A real keeper!
"Damn! That girl has to be Lexine!"
or "OK, you win, you're Lexine!"
by cbenne10 December 30, 2014
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