A very ugly person with a lack of personality other then being 'depressed' -attention seeking - and constantly bullshiting and making up illnesses :D
Girl: You okay hun?
Guy: No I have cancer and will die unless you have sex with me
Girl: ... ewwww die then -slap-
Girl walks off

Friend comes over: dude stop being such a Levi
by Vengeful Bitch February 12, 2011
rather indie but yet abit emo, mosher and wierd.
This song is abit levi.
i dont like that it's abit levi for me.
Katie Perry is really levi.
by nobber631 November 26, 2009
a sexy koala bear from .au
i am levi jones

levi jones

the one and only

you can't clone
by s_N_double_O_P April 24, 2005
Levi strauss & co.

Denim wear manufacturer.
I don't like levi's much. I like Hugo Boss Jeans.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 15, 2004
gunna smoke til he blows up and drink til he throws up then pass out on someone's kitchen floor.
yesterday he waz barely conscious
by Jack Hammer March 02, 2004
inconsiderate douche bag that asks for sex as a favor. last name is most likely "dick"
Dude, Brandon is such a levi!
by sandstrom November 15, 2009
a Elite Cs Webmaster
Ex extreme wrestler
One inning baseballer
"hey levi, do u want to go to the movies?"

levi: "no, im making a website"
by 8=======> October 16, 2003

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