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Verb: Gaze at or consider someone with strong sexual desire
Noun: Someone acting in this manner
"Look, he's letching at that ropey old bar-maid again!"
"You are such a cretinous letch."
by The Hampden Roar May 13, 2008
a dirty disgusting greasy pervert who creeps up to any female and tries to basically touch and molest them unwantedly with his grumby hands
Jade " you know who really creeps me out?"
ellie "no who?"
Jade " Matt!"

Matt get away from me, stop trying to touch me you letch!!
by dont touch me! June 11, 2010
When someone fancies al lot of people or thinks everyones good-looking
person 1: Look at them, there fit
person 2: you letch
by March 14, 2008
A crooked eyed butt sniffer that is too good for his spot in life but too dumb to do anything about it. Commonly tells stories that filled with more shit that a port-a-jon!
That guy said he knows Brad Pitt, what a Letch!
by Aksarben March 08, 2004
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