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A female who is in denial about loving vagina.

She loves penis, but also likes vagina.
You see Deena & Snooki making out at the club.
They say they're not lesbian.

by Lesbone November 22, 2011
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A female who is indenile or needs clarification on the fact that she loves vagina. Everybody's favorite line from fat amy in pitch perfect
* two girls making out in just bras and thongs rapidly touching eachother in the love zones *

Girl1: were not lesbians right?

Girl2: no way

by Sexy blonde chick December 31, 2014
a phrase from the comedy movie 'pitch perfect' which basically hints around that someone in the room is a lesbian.
"am I the only one who stares at girls' boobs all day?"
*cough cough* "lesbehonest camryn.."
by sunfl0w3r January 02, 2015

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