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Someone who is trying way too hard to fit into the scene or emo crowd.

Dresses in ways that they think are stereotypically emo or scene.
Girl 1: OMG did you see that girl with the bbycks tee shirt and hello kitty hairclips?
Girl 2: I know, urgh, what a lentil
by NeverShoutDaniel! July 20, 2009
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a person who attempts and fails miserably and embarassasingly at being:

any other sort of subculture

they usually assume they are very cool by doing this and often proclaim they dont care about these names

dude did you see that guy werain eyeliner

yeah what a lentil
by sad(istic) panda October 28, 2009
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A young scene kid or emo kid that's new in town.
Or younger/new generation that only just started being in the city everyday and try to dress up as scene kids but fail really badly.
Ed "What's those noise outside of maccas?"
Scott "It's those goddam lentils hanging around!"
Ed "But isn't lentils... beans?"
Scott "No they're annoying little scene kids"
by krugz October 01, 2009
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"ay bud pass the lentils" "sure"
by gatoradepiss420 December 19, 2016
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A state of mind in which you say things with out meaning to.
I was such a lentil last night! I told her that I loved her even though I'm gay!
by Spooka May 22, 2003
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1 - a term used to define a complete and utter moron
2 - Can be used in place of 'Mother'
Sean is a pretty little lentil.

Hassan's tapped Arif's lentil.
by Shaz May 21, 2006
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