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One of the best clothing lines on the internet. created by the sexy paul griffiths.
similar clothing lines: gk, dropdead, johny cupcakes
only certian people can wear babycakes. (we all know those people at our school who wear it and have no idea why they are wearing it) - just like those people who have just started listening to all time low
Steve: Dude, that girl is wearing babycakes
Jake: That girl is such a poser. She thinks she is the shit. i saw paul griffiths at warped, he was drunk.
Steve: Haha ya, i saw atl at warped. there are so many posers listening to them now. they should all die.
Jake: great idea! we should also kill the people who have just recently started listening to adtr, tdwp, cobra starship, hollywood undead, 30h3... and more.
Both: how about we just go shop for more bbycks merch online instead of doing something illegal.
by xxx Spotlight xxx December 13, 2009
56 18
Abbreviated way of saying babycakes
Babycakes clothing :D
'I'm wearing my bbycks today'
by Freysx January 27, 2009
40 18