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A place where young, innocent, defencless children are kept prisoner and forced to learn useless stuff like algebra that won't count for fuck when they're old enough to get employed....
multiply out the brackets...


...would someone like to explain to me...WHAT THE HELL THIS IS???
by Shaz April 15, 2003
When someone is too lazy to get our of there car and ring the persons bell, so they double park on the side of the street, and honk there horn till the person comes out.
I dont feel like getting outta the car, imma use the puerto rican doorbell...
by Shaz August 26, 2004
the stuff u rub all over you b4 sex, exellent lube! makes sex extra great!!!
want some baby oil lovin?
by shaz November 18, 2003
Gay. Really really gay. Derogatory term.
*In CS you get shot in head through a wall*
Get fucked!! That was sjv.
by shaz June 25, 2004
1 - a term used to define a complete and utter moron
2 - Can be used in place of 'Mother'
Sean is a pretty little lentil.

Hassan's tapped Arif's lentil.
by Shaz May 21, 2006
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