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A person you can go to for just about anything. He will always keep your back clean. All though he will work from the shadows, and no one will be sure where he is. But keep in mind he will be there.
Wow did that dude just do a Lennart? I mean he was over there and things happend over here. Strange huh
by Ryan1982123 October 23, 2008
breasts with nipples that seem to be cross-eyed.
"this bitch i pumped yesterday really had a lennart"
by schande April 27, 2006
An american who comes in your class thinking he's a cool dude, but in reallity he just sucks so many d's that you can't even fit them in the alphabet.
Wow you are such a lennart!
by Keked ;) February 04, 2016
"to pull a lenn art" is to lay a cleveland steamer between lennart tits.
this girl i dated was such a negative nagging bitch, i just had to pull a lenn art on her
by schande April 27, 2006
Lennart is a definition of being tall or dumb as fuck. He also loves WOW and cant think about anything but LOL.
OMG MLG noscope 360 asstail lennart shot!
by Sexyunicornguy February 05, 2015
when a girl's boobs seem to be cross-eyed. always in combination with a bad and selfish temper. very strange-looking and hopefully very rare.
when he finally took her bra off it was clear she had a huge lennart. "i was wondering why she was acting so negative and bitchy tonight, but this answers a lot of questions.", he thought.
by schande May 08, 2006
deploying a cleveland steamer on a girl with a lennart.
when it was evident that she wouldn't change her bad behaviour he was forced to perform a lenn-art on her.
by schande May 08, 2006
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