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The act of having vaginal intercourse. Once the male has ejaculated inside the woman, he then proceeds to urinate into the woman's vagina. After this has happened the woman proceeds to push both the ejaculate and the urine out of her vagina.
I totally lemon pied my girl friend last night.

Dude I introduced pee into the relationship by lemon pieing my girl last night.
by Sqaides February 11, 2011
Something that is easy and straightforward to accomplish. Alludes to the ease and simplicity of an actual slice of lemon pie.
Tom: How long did the project take you?

Tim: Less than an hour. It's like lemon pie!
by airglow November 30, 2011
When a lesbian has dried up piss around her cunt.
You oughta wash your cunt Kirstie, that's one nasty lemon pie u got!
by Friday13 August 06, 2010
A lipstick lesbians pussy
Sandra loved licking out her girlfriend's Rochelle's Lemon pie
by Glenn Griffiths August 30, 2006
why dont you ask my cat
by kicky July 17, 2003