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Slave to cock is somebody who can't stop sucking cock!
Brian is a slave to cock!!!

"Holy cow I know!" "Every time I go over there Brian is either raving about sucking cock or has a cock in his mouth."

Like totally, he even has a mould of Muhammad's cock that he takes to bed like a teddybear!
by Friday13 September 05, 2010
A spin off to Little House on the Prairie.

Laura and Mary are traded by Pa into prostition in the Indian territories where Indians trade skins, weapons and beeds for a quick lay with the 2 sluts.

Laura and Mary meet up with a lucid drunk named Sisi who tricks them into a 3-way.
Little Slut on the Prairie is a great show.
by Friday13 July 18, 2010
Somebody who is addicted to joining cults or going to alternative religous movements.
Angelika for fucks sake! Stop being a cult whore!

That cult whore Angelika brought her own golden calf to church and asked others to worship it. I was shocked to see Glenn bowing to it, but at the same time I knew Glenn was a bigger cult whore than Angelika!
by Friday13 September 05, 2010
When you feel compelled to kidnap and steal.
I went out with Sisi to a liquor store and she pulled a Rick Ross on me and then got nabbed for a DUI.

Pulling a Rick Ross is so kewl!
by Friday13 July 18, 2010
A word that describes greed, lying and loose conduct in religious circles.
Sisi pulled a Golden Calf when she ran down her son in a hit and run, and then lied to get the insurance money.

Sisi: I was too drunk to notice I had mowed him down, all I could think about was worshipping a false idol.
by Friday13 August 04, 2010
KAUST is an abbreviation or slang word for King Abdullah University of Science and Technology.
"Are you going to KAUST?"

"Hell yes as a girl I can drive, wear what I like, work and do what I like on the campus!"

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) جامعة الملك عبد الله للعلوم و التقنية -كاوست‎ is an international, graduate-level research institution in Thuwal, Saudi Arabia, which was opened in September 2009 with a $10 billion endowment. KAUST is a co-ed school that is giving a glimmer of rights to females in Saudi Arabia.
by Friday13 July 16, 2010
When a black dude marries or hangs around with white trash.

An interracial couple.
"Look Mommie there goes a shit sundae!"

"You racist slut!" *Slap*
by Friday13 July 16, 2010
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