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The act of a man cumming inside a woman vaginally, then he continuing to fuck her until the combination of semen and fem juice becomes a white frothing foam. After the foam is made, the man will then proceed to urinate inside of the woman, acting as the lemon filling.
This chick wanted me to cum and piss in her, so we wound up making Lemon Meringue Pie.
by raichupal5 January 11, 2013
When a man is fucking a black woman and cums inside of her, then continues to fuck her until the combination of semen and female love juices becomes a frothing foam.
I fucked this black chick last night for so long that I made a Mocha Frappuccino.
by raichupal5 January 11, 2013
\'boy:t-ch\ noun

A "boitch" is the male equivalent of a bitch. Usually this species of male tend to complain excessively about the most mundane matters and prefer not to be relied upon in any situation.

In simple terms, biotches are whiny little man-whores that don't do no one no favors.
Dude 1: Bitch got a penis!
Dude 2: Actually, that's a boitch.
by raichupal5 January 11, 2013
Similar to a regular strike, when a woman decides to actively withhold sex from someone (namely a man) until she can negotiate her desired terms, or just get what she wants.

Or, sometimes those bitches do it on purpose, because they're pissed at you for some stupid shit, or because they know they can. They enjoy watching you squirm, trying not to think about it.

Then you excuse yourself to the bathroom and try to rub one out, but you can't cum because you know that her pussy is so good that you just CAN'T go back to the old shit!

Meanwhile, your balls swell with sexual tension, aching every time you move, until finally you can't take it anymore. You have to give in to get some of that sweet, tight pussy!!
Dude 1: FUCK!!
Dude 2: What's wrong?
Dude 1: My girlfriend went on a Pussy Strike, and I haven't came in four days!
Dude 2: Heh... Yeah... Just get a Fleshlight and keep it duct taped under the bathroom sink. I named mine Cristal.
by raichupal5 January 10, 2013
1) A Russian feminist punk-rock collective based in Moscow.

2) A gathering in which feminists protest for equal rights and other politics.

3) When a woman is on her period (or is just a straight up bitch) and starts bagging on her man for nothing. She complains and nags and whines, without stopping.
Dude 1: My girlfriend is a bitch!
Dude 2: Have you done anything to upset her?
Dude 1: No! She just woke up this morning and started bitching about everything...
Dude 2: Oh, she's just having a Pussy Riot.
by raichupal5 January 10, 2013

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