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The epitome of female perfection
Damn that girl is a Leilani, I think I'm in love!
by Willenium0994 July 10, 2008
Heavenly child or flower
My baby is soo gorgeous im goin to name her Leilani
by Monie252010 June 02, 2009
Usually a name for a Hawaiian flower. Sexy and Very Intelligent. Often crazy outlook on life.
Guy- Hey did you see Leilani Last week?
Other guy-Yea dude she's pretty bangin'!
by J_lol April 11, 2011
Binge laughing- laughing extensively, profusely, daily, without breath.
"I leilanied all day yesterday when Annie shanked Paco!"
by bootaylor February 04, 2008
Amazing and totally fukkable black girl with a gorgeous smile and perfect body. Really outgoing n alwayz lookin 4 sumthin to write about. Really big boobs and an apetite for success to match!
Aint NOBODY sexxier than Ms. Leilani ye digg??
by ms.leila.baybee March 25, 2010