16th Century philosopher and mathemtician who was a contemporary of Sir Isaac Newton. Was fucked over with regard to credit given to the pioneer of calculus. Leibniz developed the integral sign as well as developed the theoretical concepts of the derivative and integral, whereas newton mostly applied those concepts to physics. Leibniz and newton both made significant contributions and should be viewed as co-discoverers of calculus.
Leibniz should get more credit for the discovery of calculus
by nirvanarageatm December 15, 2004
German cookies! they crunch very loud!
*crunch* that's what Leibniz does.
by P!nky19 July 03, 2006
Adjective used to show how the historic conditions affect the recognition that we have of the writers and thinkers If Leibniz had been English and Newton German, the credit by to have created the calculus would be of Lebniz.
Dante, Shakespeare and Cervantes are Leibniz.
by anmomarc May 26, 2005
A medical sales fag who is named after girlie German cookies. Wears super tight spandex like fitness shirts that look like it has amor plate slide ins and rocking loose polyester booty shorts showing off his turkey legs.
That guy is such a Leibniz!

Can't believe you would date a Leibniz!

I would off myself if I was compared to a Leibniz!
by Assmaunch October 16, 2014

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