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Legging or Leggin' is the meaning of taking a picture of your legs, or lower half, with a beautiful or crazy scenery behind. The picture is a POV angle and should catch where you are and/or who you are with.

Legging is an upcoming trend; just like planking, tebowing, etc. Legging can be taken with Instagram for better effects. Be sure to follow @LeggingOfficial on Twitter.
Did you see the picture of me at Disney World? I was totally legging in it.

I just took a picture of me at the beach #legging!
by @LeggingOfficial May 23, 2012
0 4
Should be worn as a replacement for pants.
"Those leggings give her horrible camel toe!"

"Yeah, she looks great."
by Jikkaa December 31, 2009
374 146
Definitely not pants.
"Those leggings give her horrible camel toe!"
"Yeah, she looks really stupid."
by Sunday Monday May 09, 2008
354 213
these cute things that are a 2006 revival of eighties fashion.
those be some cooool leggings.
by philphleira nachitaki September 29, 2006
225 158
act of rubbing anothers leg with your own
Guy 1-'dude, me and this girl were totally legging whilst watching this film last night.' Guy-2 'wow, thats totally hot'
by Lazzarus1471 August 09, 2010
36 11
v. Included in humping where one throws leg over partner and continues in sex.
"She was legging me right before she rolled over on me to have wild animal sex"
by lamoid May 31, 2006
32 20
Leggins are Retarded.

They are footless pantyhose that were popular for a minute in the 80's. Why footless????, so you can show off your ugly pale feet?

If you are thinking of wearing leggings to look cute or sexy, please, upgrade to stockings
That girl thinks she looks haught & sexxxy in those leggings.

I bet she will wear a skort tommorrow.
by ms. tyler March 08, 2008
33 22
tattoo that covers the legs similar to "sleeve" for the arm.
To a man with tattoos all down his leg-"Nice tattoos, what do you call those leggings?"

"Hey man sweet leggings!"

"She pulled his pants down to reveal the hottest leggings known to man!"
by Juliet tennis pro February 28, 2010
17 9