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A full LEG tattoo. Referring to such as a sleeve is not appropriate seeing as sleeves are on shirts which you wear on your.....ARM.
i dont like it when people refer to full leg tattoos as a leg sleeve, sleeves belong on your arms. dont ask me what i would call it cause i dont know, i just dont like leg sleeve....

Emily: pant would be appropriate
14 minutes ago · Like · 1

Kelly: Leggings or tights! Lol
11 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 1

Sarah: all three are better than sleeve
10 minutes ago · Like

Emily: a legging. it's official. i'm going to urban dic it
10 minutes ago · Like · 1

Sarah: dooo it
9 minutes ago · Like

Kelly: Hahahahahahaha
9 minutes ago · Like
by Yilme May 18, 2012

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