n. The highest echelon of registered insomniacs on the net.

v. To stay awake for unrelenting amounts of time on the same web site, never linking away
n. The Legacy committee voted my unisom demands down.

adj. "you're worse then a couch potato, are you just gonna sit there and legacy all week long!"
by Dyslexics Untie November 19, 2005
Top Definition
A term commenly used to identify an individual, or group of individuals, from the Final Fantasy XIV community who are better than everybody else.
We're better than you.
by Jamie Madrox March 24, 2013
An under the radar professional gamer in Counter-Strike: 1.6 and Counter-Strike: Source making over 10,000$ in prize money alone and more in winnings.

Was drafted to CGS Chimeras a week before the CGS died.

His top known teams were REAL, N2P, Mug'n'Mouse, and MAINGEAR.

Leagues of those teams consisted of Cal Invite to Cevo Professional

Contracted under MAINGEAR making 500 a month.

Last heard, he was starting a community using Custom PC company MAINGEAR as well as AMD and ATI as the main sponsors for giveaways. Any info prob can be found googling maingear gaming legacy or maingear community.
Mike: I call hax. LegacY is fking HACKING.
Joe: STFU noob. LegacY is pro.

Ript1d3: I think that was LegacY from MAINGEAR
Xen0: N0 fuck1ng w4y!
Ript1d3: Wow he is a fucking BEAST!
by tayl0rmade October 15, 2009
In computing, describes outdated, obsolete hardware or software. Usually a pain in the ass to support. Often refuses to die.
"You'd think after around 30 years legacy storage like floppy disks would be vapour."
by Angry Black Man June 27, 2006
Someone who's sibling, parent, aunt or uncle were in a sorority or fraternity.
-Dude, I'm thinking of pledging AXP.
-Didn't your dad/uncle/brother pledge AXP?
-Yeah, I'm a legacy


-My mom/sister/aunt was/were in Tri Delt, Tri Sig, AST, and Alpha Gam. I'm a legacy in 4 sororities!
-Wow, aren't you special.
by atomic_poppy May 04, 2004
An affordable 4-door sedan or wagon manufactured by Subaru of America (SOA) between 1991 and 2005. New for 2005 is the reintroduction of turbocharging to the already potent "boxer" engine. Often defined as a "sleeper" the new Legacy will embarrass cars costing twice as much while hauling your groceries.
Dude, my Legacy GT could woop your 350Z all day long.
by Spot March 01, 2005
Applicant admitted to a selective school partially because their parent(s) also went there.
Is legacy admission unfair?
by Setsuna September 14, 2004
The term given to a girl who has hooked up with all of the brothers in a family. Although sometimes a challenging feat, it is possible and has been done.
Dude, that girl has a legacy with the Smith's!
by word producer January 13, 2011
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