The original name of the amazing thrash metal band known as Testament.
I remember seeing Legacy in concert before they were named Testament.
by Crash6351 December 11, 2010
The term given to a girl who has hooked up with all of the brothers in a family. Although sometimes a challenging feat, it is possible and has been done.
Dude, that girl has a legacy with the Smith's!
by word producer January 13, 2011
a great urban poet and rapper
Legacy is da shit
by Marcus July 02, 2004
n. The highest echelon of registered insomniacs on the net.

v. To stay awake for unrelenting amounts of time on the same web site, never linking away
n. The Legacy committee voted my unisom demands down.

adj. "you're worse then a couch potato, are you just gonna sit there and legacy all week long!"
by Dyslexics Untie November 19, 2005
a child that is obsessed with his father to the point of extreme aggression and fury especially at jokes about cum filled donuts.. a child that praises the ground that his father walks on
You don't know who Legacy is? ITS MEEEEE!!!!
by ricwrestle November 10, 2008
totally awsome poster over in G&T who isnt a mod, but everybody think he is!
Legacy should totally be a mod
by anonymous March 28, 2004

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