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Something in great abundance and yet you will never hear LEFTWING EXTREMISTS uttered on all of the radical leftwing liberal tv NEWS channels such as ABC,CBS,NBC,CNBC,PMSNBC,CNN,PBS and so on.However you will hear all of those channels saying "rightwing extremists" wuite regularly which is a testament to their LEFTWING EXTREMISM!!!!
During the DC snipers' insane shooting spree all of the LEFTWING EXTREMIST LIBERAL MEDIA channels all speculated around the clock that the shooters were,"white,Christian,right-wing extremists"...

This is because the insane-liberal-media's news anchors are all "RICH,WHITE,BIG-CITY,FUCKTARDS" with a slanted opinion stemming from total ignorance!
There's no such thing. Honestly.
Obviously, anyone who thinks there are "Leftwing Extremists" has no idea what the Left wing supporters stand for at all. I may be wrong, but usually the word "extremist" has a connotation of violence, and Left wing supporters do not believe in violence in any sense of the word. So it doesn't really fit. Sorry.
"Dubya" has made America, what, $30 billion in debt now? I'm glad he cares so much about oil in Iraq, but really, doesn't anyone think that the hurricane crisis we are having here in America deserves some attention as well? It must be fun to be a Right wing supporter right now - especially one of those who think that Leftwing extremists exist.
by doesn't really matter October 16, 2005
Fox news is an example of a slanted evil liberal channel. Liberals are reserved for free countries though, so what the f'ck are they doing in America? By the way most rich white people in America (like the Bush family and the Walton family) are RIGHTWING not leftwing.
look at those Leftwing Extremists holding up a "thank god for aids" sign, no they're rightwing, white, christian extremists. Problem is they get away with what they do.
by george miller January 25, 2005
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