Usually one of the nicest people you know, a Lee is a friendly, highly attractive guy who almost every girl knows or has heard about. You will probably hear his name several times in your friend's conversations before you meet him, and when you finally do, you realize his reputation is well deserved. A Lee is always willing to listen to your problems, but the trick is trying to get ahold of him. 92% of his free time is spent talking to or having sex with highly attractive girls, while the other 8% is divided between beer, sports, and video games. A friendship with a Lee can be extremely valuable, considering the amount of connections he has, and will most likely be willing to extend to you. One of his most well known traits as a male friend is his ability to wingman. Since a Lee usually gets women without trying, he is always willing to help out a friend who has a harder time sweet talking the ladies. The key to a Lee's social success is his constant friendliness, good looks, and charm, which make him a valuable asset as a friend.
p1: where can i find one of those (random item)
p2: i dont know? call lee.
P1: you think hes got (random item)?
P2: maybe not, but i can guarantee he knows someone that does.
by lee_advocate May 09, 2010
its dick in Burmese language.
wooo, ur lee is half my size.
by minmawaung February 23, 2008
a very attractive female that is too good for you
Wow, that Lees is pretty hot- i wish i could beat.
by the boogie man May 26, 2004
A unit of measurement by comparing to a well known short person named Lee.
You look about 1.3 Lees'' - ''yeah i think im actually about 1.25 lees
by palmers people September 15, 2010
An extremely beautiful girl who is liked by many people. She can make anybody laugh and loves to smile. She is not like any other, she's amazing. And can be hyper and is an amazing person
Lee is so pretty.
by starrbbysz February 20, 2012
A brewery in the north-west of England that makes a fine bitter beer. Many a beer mat in Manchester bears the name Lees. The name appears to derive from the Irish McAleese (as in the present Irish president's name of Mary McAleese) and is linked to the Scots names of McLeish and MacPherson. Not noted for their punctuality the MacPherson Clan slept-in for the Battle of Culloden in 1746, arriving late only to witness the carnage that had been visited upon their fellow highlanders by the English and Lowlanders earlier that morning. Lees's have been oversleeping ever since.
As bitter as a Lees

As late as a Lees
by Latecomer June 14, 2007
The most good looking guy that has ever walked on the planet. A lee is someone who is thoughtful and cares a lot about others. When you meet a Lee, there very shy and you gotta talk to them first. When you do, it's worth it. They usually have beautiful green eyes and Dark hair, they are unique and different than all the other guys. Lee's usually have girls falling for them every second. A lee is always in you're friends conversations about how cute he is. They have freckles and they are very southern. Lee's are very athletic and popular. Girls are lucky to have a guy named Lee. Lees are very thoughtful and religious, they care a lot for others. Say hi to a lee, you never know.
Omg that's Lee!
He's like the hottest boy in school

Dang, I wish I was a Lee
I'm jealous.
by Ladybug23 November 23, 2013

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