A brewery in the north-west of England that makes a fine bitter beer. Many a beer mat in Manchester bears the name Lees. The name appears to derive from the Irish McAleese (as in the present Irish president's name of Mary McAleese) and is linked to the Scots names of McLeish and MacPherson. Not noted for their punctuality the MacPherson Clan slept-in for the Battle of Culloden in 1746, arriving late only to witness the carnage that had been visited upon their fellow highlanders by the English and Lowlanders earlier that morning. Lees's have been oversleeping ever since.
As bitter as a Lees

As late as a Lees
by Latecomer June 14, 2007
a guy with a huge cock. all the bitches love him.
i wanna fuck lee.
by usernamepenis May 14, 2015
a term for someone you would like to slap
Dave is such a Lee
by XEGkris January 02, 2014
1.) The act of living free and reckless, like the Lee Family.
2.) One who enjoys confrontation, frequently commits crimes, does not work, and is an over all strange person.
1.) You Only Lee Once!

2.) Get a job, stop being such a lee!
by Cappy Joe January 11, 2013
1. Ignorant fool, who uses wikipedia articles in a vain attempt to prove his wacky theories that have no basis or merit.
If you were any more wrong, you'd be Lee.
by Fyuki November 19, 2013
very funny and intelligent person. constantly using sarcasm and likes to play along. you can never be serious around him. he likes to gang up on people with his manz and tend to have very short memory spand (not very good with names) so don't act surprised if u have to introduce yourself over and over again. good person to be around if you're having a bad day. he's a pretty awesome guy!
by the funny jew February 16, 2010
1. A name most commonly given to males, and occasionally females.
2. In ancient Chinese scriptures "Lee" denotes "small dick".
3. Usually centre of attention. Often stereotyped as playboys who cheat on their temporary partners.
4. They are often classified as the Fresh Off Boat (FOB) species. Their main diet consists of Gatsby and Eye-liner.

5. The bathroom is their natural habitat, in which mirrors are their most needed accessory.
6. Will remain a playboy until his community realises his narcissistic nature.
7. Is generally, a confident individual who is not afraid to express own views.
Suzie "Hey, is that Joanne or Jenny today?"
John "Nah, it's Emma"
Suzie "Pulling another Lee?"
by shemale999 June 12, 2011

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