Lee is a very nice, friendly guy. He has many friends. He isn't very good looking but he isn't ugly. He has a great personality. Well known for his love of football and music, Lee can be very random at times and loves to have a good time.
Me - Yo Cat !
Lee - Yo Dog !
Me - Are you babysitting baby yog today ?
Lee - Yesh ! HeHe ! How is cute yog ?
Me - Cute yog is sexyyyy ! ^^ (;
by Xgreendayandparamore June 21, 2010
very funny and intelligent person. constantly using sarcasm and likes to play along. you can never be serious around him. he likes to gang up on people with his manz and tend to have very short memory spand (not very good with names) so don't act surprised if u have to introduce yourself over and over again. good person to be around if you're having a bad day. he's a pretty awesome guy!
by the funny jew February 16, 2010
A stupid dumb ass who likes to make other people feel bad about them selves. He is also laughs at stupid things and constantly states the obvious situation.
My step dad LEE
by Miss Martion August 16, 2011
the hottest girl in the whole world
that person is lesbion

no thats a lee!!
o i wish i was lee
ya shes so hot and sexy
by fjvbfvbfhvieruivoheruiv May 02, 2010
The most bitchiest stoner you will ever meet. The ugliest guy in the world and he will dump you for another girl then dump her for you again.

He also loves watching porn and loves having kinky fun with his stuffed animals.
{sex} {bitch} {lee}
by julie99 August 13, 2010
to be a lee, when you have done an act which is very unexpected and made a fool of your self.
In the house of parliament, Tony Blair stands up out of turn and shouts, "you all have a winnit on your forhead...you winnit heads!" Tony Blair is a lee
by Tom Askerk November 30, 2006
A racist, bigoted cunt who's mind is as open as a nun's pussy!
Stop being a LEE
by the common human being! May 11, 2010

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