to shit in pant because you cant make it to the bathroom.
The baby pulled a lee in his pants or I just leed in my pants
by SMitie98 February 01, 2010
A racist, bigoted cunt who's mind is as open as a nun's pussy!
Stop being a LEE
by the common human being! May 11, 2010
A fucking idiot.

A person who likes "part-time" relationships with the one girl, only when it suits him and makes him look good in front of friends. When they break up, Lee asks his ex's friends to go out with him as a rebound.

Friends have lost TREMENDOUS respect for Lee's girlfriend. Lee's put on charm has brainwashed her into thinking that Lee loves her when really, she just makes him look good infront of others. Friends can't wait to say "I told you so" when they break up for the 3rd time.
Lee is a try hard loser.
by sum1whoseesthetruth August 04, 2007
Someone with a tickling fetish. The one who likes to be tickled.
She was laughing so hard, she peed herself. What a lee!
by ay_doughy January 18, 2009
Lee jeans, brand of jeans/pants.
"When I was young I had two pair of Lees, besides that"
Sky's the limit
Life after death
The Notorious B.I.G. (R.I.P) f/ 112
by Dahitman September 17, 2007
A popular English spelling for ì°, a common last name in China and Korea, and also Vietnam.

...also spelled Rhee,Ri, Yi, Lee in Korean.

...also spelled Li, Lee in Chinese.
...also spelled Ly in Vietnamese.
Lee is the second most common last name in China and Korea.

"Famous Lee": Bruce Lee, Jet Lee, Rhee Syngman, Yi Sun-shin, Yi-dynasty in Korea (Chosun), Li Guang, Li Shi ming, Li Bai (Poet), Li Wenyu, Li Pingxiang, etc...........
by J RO May 25, 2005
An internet alter-ego, often more beautiful and more hip than the actual person behind the computer screen. A Lee will most likely use someone elses pictures and tell stories about someone elses life. A Lee could be a man posing as a woman or, the most common type of Lee, an ugly girl posing as a beautiful young woman. Some famous Lee's include: MichaelLee, JoshuaLee and Spike Lee. The most notorious Lee was the original and, still today, the greatest Lee of all time; MeganLee. Rather than using the traditional emoticon, Lees will frequently use the "XD" type of smiley face. Not to be confused with the lying, cheating, Chinese Olympic Gymnist 'Lee'.

Screw those Cheating assholes.
"Yeah MeganLee IM'd me the other night." "Who's that?" Oh remember that really hot girl from that chat room?" Oh you mean that fat ugly girl posing as a hot girl?" "She's a Lee dude."

by Lymbyc September 07, 2008

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