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Anything that restricts movement; used as a euphemism for pager or cell phone, when the main reason you have the thing in the first place is your work or your parental unit.
Loser #1: Dam, is that my leash or yours?

Loser #2: Yours I think - my boss is on vacation so he won't be calling me!
by Cherie Nelson May 24, 2005
To bring a friend or other such acquaintance along wherever one goes, although this person is unwanted by almost everyone else.
Yo DK, why do you always leash Ryan and Alex? They're both such chuds.
by Deacon McBuff January 27, 2009
Some one who constantly needs to follow someone,like they cannot breath without being within a meter of someone, usually the same person,but if the person isnt around,they switch it up.
(group of People)
person 1: Oh , here comes Jill! :)
person 2: and there comes jill's leash *sigh*
by Sonadroy July 10, 2009
1. An implement used to tie up animals
2. Someone who listens to shit music
3. Someone who listens to cool music
1. "Look, that dog's on a leash!"
2. "Your music taste is so leash."
3. "Your music taste is so leash."
by Jevon April 10, 2005
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