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When a girl is on top ridin a guy, after he or she ejaculates she leaps up and off of his penis and lands on his belly or chest.
After we we both ejaculated she leap frogged on to my stomach making a splat sound and smearing all our love around.
by Monkey/Elephant July 10, 2008
The sexual act when a girl jumps off of a penis just before ejaculation and quickly moves to oral sex and sucks out all of the come. Practically employed in the front seat of a car in order to avoid any mess. Often followed up with the expression. "Good to the last drop."
That fat pussy girl is an expert at the leapfrog.
by RayRay2012 January 10, 2012
Leap frog is a sexual Orgy act in which a group of participants form a line and crouch down on all fours. The Person at the back of the line then proceeds to engage in anal and/or vaginal penetration*** with the person in front of them. He continues to engage in sex with each leap-frogger in succession until he reaches the front of the line. At which point the person who is at the back of the line will repeat the process.

*** penetration may be achieved with any of the following:
Penis, Finger, Tongue, Dildo or any variation thereof, glass bottles, baseball bats, and vegetables.
Drew Barrymore, Ryan, and Nick were bored and decided to play a game of leap frog. This was their order: Drew Barrymore at the front, and Nick was in back, leaving Ryan in the middle.

Nick fucked Ryan, Jumped Over Ryan, Fucked Drew Barrymore, and jumped over Drew Barrymore. Then Ryan Fucked Drew Barrymore, jumped over Drew Barrymore, Fucked Nick, and jumped over nick. Drew Barrymore Fucked nick with her finger, Jumped over nick, fucked Ryan with a baseball bat, and jumper over Ryan.
by Bigbird2092 July 23, 2011
When you are in a three some and the guy cums and it shoots over one girl and hits the other.

Also called a sniper when it hits her in the Eye.
"I leap frogged that bitch last night and she was surprised."
by Anonnmys556677 March 30, 2008
A sex position similar to doggy style. The bottom partner instead of supporting herself on her hands, uses her forearms and elbows or, to angle deeper still, her forehead to the floor with arms spreadeagle on the floor or crossed above/beneath her head. The angle allows for deeper penetration and penetration at a more downward angle than doggy style. Can also increase nipple stimulation.
My guy has been doing me doggy style for years. We tried the leapfrog and it was SO much better! His penis went in deeper and angled forward so he was hitting my g-spot. And depending on how far down i lay, my nipples were rubbing the carpet/sheets, etc. as he pounded me.
by Nerdgrrl November 27, 2011
A fucking parking game that's played in space-challenged Philadelphia where one attempts to keep moving their car closer to their house as fuckers finally leave their parking spaces on that street.
Playing leapfrog to get my car back closer to the front of my own freaking house.
by JoeNJ2 April 10, 2011
To fabricate an idea due to a misunderstanding of another party.
Person A: "Didn't Bobby come up with 'fawaffles'?"
Person B: "No, it was actually me but I leapfrogged the idea from Bobby when he was talking about Arabic food"
by DP Dough October 01, 2013
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