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Leap frog is a sexual Orgy act in which a group of participants form a line and crouch down on all fours. The Person at the back of the line then proceeds to engage in anal and/or vaginal penetration*** with the person in front of them. He continues to engage in sex with each leap-frogger in succession until he reaches the front of the line. At which point the person who is at the back of the line will repeat the process.

*** penetration may be achieved with any of the following:
Penis, Finger, Tongue, Dildo or any variation thereof, glass bottles, baseball bats, and vegetables.
Drew Barrymore, Ryan, and Nick were bored and decided to play a game of leap frog. This was their order: Drew Barrymore at the front, and Nick was in back, leaving Ryan in the middle.

Nick fucked Ryan, Jumped Over Ryan, Fucked Drew Barrymore, and jumped over Drew Barrymore. Then Ryan Fucked Drew Barrymore, jumped over Drew Barrymore, Fucked Nick, and jumped over nick. Drew Barrymore Fucked nick with her finger, Jumped over nick, fucked Ryan with a baseball bat, and jumper over Ryan.
by Bigbird2092 July 23, 2011

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