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A lead sled is a car that has had extensive body fill work done with lead. (Lead was used prior to Bondo to fill in the holes and to do body work.)
My Grandpa's old Mercury is a lead sled due to all the repairs he had to make to in back in the 50's.
by OneBadAsp October 24, 2006
slang term for an older model, gigantic luxury car.
"Johnny thinks he's cool driving that crappy lead sled his granfather gave him."
by cody January 10, 2005
Slang. Used in reference to an aircraft's inability to stop after touching down for a landing. Not suggested for short runways.
"Whoa, hold up, were gonna land where?!? Dude, this thing is a lead sled, were gonna be runway pizza for sure!"
by Plasmatides August 21, 2011

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