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LeQuit: verb. Def: 1. to vindictively betray; often with reference to those most loyal. 2. to surrender without fight; as in the context of an athletic contest. 3. any act of classes or hateful debauchery; often with disregard to others emotions. 4. to act in a calous fashion, without regard to morals or humility; deals with teammates or loved ones. 5. the act of pooping.

see also: LeQuitter, LeQuitHole, LeQuitted, LeQuitting, LeNotChosenOne, LeQueen, LeFraud, LeQuitness.

Origin: From Old French: LeBum, LeStiff, LeJerk, LeBiznotch, et al.
Man, I was dating this great girl and all of a sudden she just LeQuit on me, I mean, not returning my calls, she took my dog, and cursed out my mom. I heard she moved to Miami.


I just took a giant LeQuit. It stank.
by architrance July 15, 2010
Word used by Cleveland fans who are upset that their team ended up being the worst in the NBA without LeBron James. Due to him wanting to win a Championship for himself and for his happiness more than making 1 state of fans happy, he left the team that went 0-26(Clearly NO Help) to join a better team.
Forget LeQuit! We will some how win a championship before him even though we will never see the playoffs again. We don't need LeQuit!
by MagnificentBwoi February 18, 2011
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