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LeQuit: verb. Def: 1. to vindictively betray; often with reference to those most loyal. 2. to surrender without fight; as in the context of an athletic contest. 3. any act of classes or hateful debauchery; often with disregard to others emotions. 4. to act in a calous fashion, without regard to morals or humility; deals with teammates or loved ones. 5. the act of pooping.

see also: LeQuitter, LeQuitHole, LeQuitted, LeQuitting, LeNotChosenOne, LeQueen, LeFraud, LeQuitness.

Origin: From Old French: LeBum, LeStiff, LeJerk, LeBiznotch, et al.
Man, I was dating this great girl and all of a sudden she just LeQuit on me, I mean, not returning my calls, she took my dog, and cursed out my mom. I heard she moved to Miami.


I just took a giant LeQuit. It stank.
by architrance July 15, 2010

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