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Dangerously similar to Nagin’in. (See Nagin’d) This is when a grown man acts like an upset infant. Symptoms include large amounts of pouting, teeth sucking, blame casting, frowning, and crying when one doesn’t get his way. Late stages of this virus include airballing free throws, having ridiculous nicknames, not winning championships and tossing chalk in the air for attention. (Similar to a baby and his rattle) If someone you know is throwing up chalk in the air prior to a basketball game, there is nothing you can do for him, he’s gone. This is a serious condition that is extremely contagious, people close to someone that is Lebron’in should head for the hills immediately. Trust me, it’s better off if you get infected with HIV as opposed to the LeBron’in virus. Some notable people that are infected with this are Stephen A Smith, Mayor Nagin, Barrack Obama, Sean Penn and Tom Cruise.
Example #1 LeBron'in

You should have seen this guy Lebron’in at Subway yesterday. They didn’t have any honey oat bread so he stood on a table and threw chalk all over the place. When we realized that cat was LeBron’in, everybody dipped…. real quick.

Example #2

Me and Bay-wolf were at the bar last night, we saw this guy get shot down by this chick, he then blamed it on Global Warming and whaling, then threw chalk at the bouncer. Poor bastard, he was so close to the chalk/LeBron’in virus…he started blaming Bush for his beer gut.

Example# 3

I was playing ball at the Y yesterday and this dude came in with a jersey with a #1 on the back named “The King.” My man bo-vice smashed on him like 3 times, took his rock at will, stuffed him 17 times, and put him in the hospital after he crossed him crippled. He blamed his shoes right before he hit the Dr. with some chalk.
by TB2-nola June 15, 2009
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