An independent, strong girl, willing to give and receive to anyone honest with her. Loved and wanted by many yet unattainable because she's too independent and free. She has light brown hair, innocent eyes and has the most perfect body in the world. Her skin is flawless so it's hard to read under the surface. She never shows emotions. The best decision-maker in the world and the most understanding person ever. She's naturally smart, wise and lucky. She always knows what to do in certain situations and tries her best to never let you down. However, if you get on her bad side, she can literally control your fate. She has power and strength, lacking in many. She's straight-forward and blunt. A Layla MIGHT obsess over certain people from Asia :P She is loyal, trustworthy and honest. She's there for you unconditionally.
She's the most creative and artistic person you'll ever meet. A Layla is predicted to have a highest probability of a future in fashion design or art.
Obsessed with cleanliness and food but is a lazy fuck. Sleeps when her best friends wake up yet always there to talk to. She loves a good time and LOVES closeness with people. She'd do anything for that one best friend and has that one loyal best friend that never leaves her side. She's the luckiest person in the world because she has that one person who loves her more than she loves herself.
Person 1: Who's this girl in the amazing clothes?"That's Layla. Her artistic combinations are unbeatable.
Person 2: Oh that's Layla. She's so pretty.
Person 1: I'd do anything to be like Layla.
by Shameen (: January 01, 2013
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A fun loving girl who knows how to have fun. She has many friends with a lot of inside jokes. She generally has brown hair, brown eyes, and crazy dance moves. She knows how to make anyone laugh and laughs all the time herself. She has many friends who get her sense of style and sexy skills.
Oh that girl is such a Layla
by shelbbbs February 08, 2010
This is a girl who is most beautiful and drop dead gorgeous, she is wanted by all men yet, unnatainable because she is so daring, free-spirited, and independent. She rarely falls in love, however when she does she is THE best. She has long black hair and is extremely skinny. She has been to the edge and back and came back without a crack. Do NOT ever get on her bad side. She is a fighter but will think of what she loves while fighting. No one will ever really know her, for she truly does not know herself. She is poetic and says everything with wisdom. Show her cruelty and receive cruelty, show her kindness and receive kindness. Compare her to a black diamond, or onyx gem. She is complex, comes from both heaven and hell, her emotions are difficult to read, and her surface is hard and flawless. She is pale skinned but capable of dark things. She would rather be the moon that shines down on you in your darkest hour than the sun that simply brightens a day. Eric Clapton wrote a song about Layla having all the guys fall to their knees for her and her walking by looking only ahead towards the future. She is always right with a sharp and intelligent mind. She is confident and sexy. She loves cold weather but also enjoys swimming in the water.
That girl walks with such confidence of a Layla.
by ThisDIFFERENTGirl March 30, 2010
a beautiful exotic human being. extremely skinny.
you see that weird pretty person over there. what a layla.
by milissa December 20, 2007
A beautiful girl; uninhibited hippie; Unnatainable to most men.
Erik: Layla has never had a boyfriend.
Tony: That's because she's too much of a free spirit to be tied down.
by Layla 1015 November 09, 2008
A well known song from 1970 by Derek & the Dominoes (which indeed featured Eric Clapton). The song is well known for its superb guitar riff and closing piano work.
If you want to hear a kick ass version of "Layla", then listen to the live version recorded in '74 or '75 at the Providence Civic Center featured on Eric Clapton's "Crossroads II" box set.
by AnalogueWave September 08, 2005
A popular Eric Clapton song about a secret love. Unattainable and stunningly beautiful woman, usually with dark hair. Confident, Athletic, and always willing to do anything for a friend. Girls want to be her and men want to have her. Perfection.
That woman is so beautiful.
She must be a Layla
by lb746786 March 12, 2009
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