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A mixtue of the word lax and lazy, used for people who are oth laid back and lazy.
Keith: Hey Dave don't you think Larry is too laxy with his work?
Dave: Word.
Larry: ...
by Ble$$eD April 30, 2007
a commonly used name for laxatives by eating disordered persons.
i took a whole pack of laxies last night.
by wendy lane June 04, 2003
A combination of lazy and sexy. The ability to look fly even when being useless.
Shawty, BePeezy was lookin laxy as hell, sittin on her floor instead of putting her laundry away.
by BDRNick November 30, 2008
a person who is too sexy while also at the same time 2 lazy 2 do actual work
She was too laxy to do the yard work.
by k16h July 10, 2009
an EXTREME form of laziness
Justin: Dan get your lazy ass off the couch you have been p-noggin' for 3 days in a row.

Dan: Yea I know I have been feelin' so laxy lately. I gotta get a real girl.
by cougarcrazies March 03, 2009
describing one who listens to excessive amounts of Tool, Snoop, and System of a Down; also known to indulge in herbal refreshments from time to time; generally, a pleasant and easygoing personality...derived from the latin work lax, meaning TOOL SUCKS!
"I'm laxy", said Bill.
"I've heard that about you", replied Marge.
by margaret November 10, 2004
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