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A loyal girl of any race . She is going to ride for the people she cares about. She doesn't have much of a filter but she keeps it real. Don't cross her you'll regret it. Shawty a twerkaholic
I'm had fun cooling with my girls we enjoyed ourselves my girls are some Lawrens I love them
#loyal #friend #real #fighter #twerk
by NinaR December 03, 2014
one who has anal sex in 7th grade.
You had anal sex in 7th grade? You're so Lawren
#lawren #anal #sex #7th #grade
by dat1coolkidd July 10, 2008
Mostly realated to a sloth like creatre that eats any thing even pickle smoothies!
I saw a lawren last night and gaive it some kippers of the ground covered in dirt
#ground #kippers #dirt #pickle #smoothies
by Sir Ben January 11, 2008
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