A number of television series created by Dick Wolf. Although all stories and characters are fictional, the storylines for every episode is original and extremely entertaining.

They are 4 kinds of Law & Order series:

Law & Order
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Law & Order: Trial by Jury
Yo, check it out, Ice-T's on Law & Order: SVU! Watch him chase this one kid down the street.
by Gearbox May 01, 2005
Top Definition
Law & Order is considered by many to be one of the greatest TV shows ever created. It has had at least 300 episodes, yet they are all interesting and original in their own special way. Not like the shitty new episodes of The Simpsons
On Law & Order last night, there was a serial killer who committed necrophilia with his victims. Now that's entertainment.
by Black Angel December 03, 2003
The best show ever, aside from Seinfeld. Jack McKoy, the DA, is god.
Law & Order is a whole hour long yet I watch like five episodes a day!
by Jake Schumaker March 28, 2004
Extremely popular crime drama series created by Dick Wolf. Unlike most such shows, which usually focus on either detectives or the criminal suit itself but never both, each Law & Order episode usually covers one murder case from discovery of the body, through the police investigation and resulting trial(s) and ends with a conviction, acquittal, or plea bargain.

Also unlike most police shows it does not show the process in a stylized or purely glamorous light but tries to portray it with more realism; dirty DA politics and bringing the wrong person to trial are not rare subplots.
Put a Jewish cop who's daughter was murdered with a partner with an ailing wife and you have a pretty generic cop show. Add in a district attorney who's often more interested in playing politics than solving crimes and his win-at-all-costs bulldog assistant DA, and you have Law & Order.
by Bogus August 10, 2005
The names for the right and left legs of the very furry, Martial Arts Expert, and all around bad ass Chuck Norris
Man, Chuck just laid me out with Law, then finished me off with a roundhouse kick from Order. I got pwned by Law & Order
by Blatzkrieg December 18, 2005
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