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Modern day not-quite-country situated in and adjacent to Israel. The area is currently involved in a bloody struggle for independence from Israel. Despite what the anti-Israeli Western media likes to say, the politics of the situation have almost nothing to do with the Palestinian people themselves and everything to do with other Middle Eastern states (and some power-mongering militants) trying to get revenge on Israel for being owned in the Six-day War (namely Egypt, Jordan and Syria, whom most coincidentally lost the Palestinian territories during said war).

For years the Palestinian Authority, the main governing entity for the region, was run by Yasser Arafat, a wolf-in-sheeps-clothing who clandestinely sponsored terrorism against Israel knowing full well it would prevent the peace and independence he claimed to desire. Of course, this is the same guy who turned down a perfectly good peace agreement brokered by the US and agreed to by Israel for no good reason so it should be expected.
Palestine might actually get its independence now that Arafat is out of the picture and sane people are running the show there.
by Bogus February 04, 2005
Famous former bodybuilder and Hollywood action star turned politician. Ostensibly a Republican but is a moderate conservative at best (what do you expect, he married a Kennedy). Of course, in California the main political groups are 'far left' and 'really far left' so I guess he's as Republican as you might expect a Californian to be. Won special election for governor in California mainly as a protest against scandals of the Davis administration. Is very popular with the people but so far no more effective than Davis in addressing the issues facing the state. His first real political challenge will come with the next general election, as so far his only real opposition has come from a corrupt governor and a top official in said corrupt governor's administration.
Thanks to his movies and outspoken political ambitions, everyone has at least heard of Arnold Schwarzenegger.
by Bogus January 09, 2005
United States Navy (usually, but can be any nation's fleet). The Navy is the sea-based branch of the military, but through the use of aircraft carriers they have taken over much of what the Air Force used to do. Because of this they are possibly the most prominent and widely-used of all the branches of the U.S. military (same goes for most other nations too). Tactically, their primary focus is blue-water operations such as fleet and subarmine warfare, but since the Cold War this role has been de-emphasized as most countries with any respectable naval forces arent dumb enough to piss off the USA.

Their role in combat operations will likely only continue to increase as everyone loves a "clean" air war. However, because they do not have a true ground force anymore they are not self-sufficient and must work very closely with the Army/Marines during combat operations.
The Army and Marines move in to take over territory after the Navy and Air Force have turned it into a big smoking crater.
by Bogus January 27, 2005
The film industry's version of the RIAA. While they have many duties, their most controversial is no doubt their part in the ongoing copyright wars. Like the RIAA, disliked because when threatened by a new technology, instead of learning to use it to their advantage they try to hit it with a really big legal hammer. Betamax, anyone? They never learn...
Techie: "hey I just made a new device that has both legitimate and illegimate uses"
by Bogus February 13, 2005
Extremely popular crime drama series created by Dick Wolf. Unlike most such shows, which usually focus on either detectives or the criminal suit itself but never both, each Law & Order episode usually covers one murder case from discovery of the body, through the police investigation and resulting trial(s) and ends with a conviction, acquittal, or plea bargain.

Also unlike most police shows it does not show the process in a stylized or purely glamorous light but tries to portray it with more realism; dirty DA politics and bringing the wrong person to trial are not rare subplots.
Put a Jewish cop who's daughter was murdered with a partner with an ailing wife and you have a pretty generic cop show. Add in a district attorney who's often more interested in playing politics than solving crimes and his win-at-all-costs bulldog assistant DA, and you have Law & Order.
by Bogus August 10, 2005
43rd President of the United states, whose controversial policies have drawn much criticism. Hated by some, and in general a lightning rod for bashing for anything and everything. If your significant other left you, if your car broke down, or if you're having a bad hair day, it's socially acceptable to blame George Bush for it.
"Bush sucks because I can't do lesbian porn." -Sharon Stone

"Don't blame me for my bad grades, it's Bush's fault!"
by Bogus December 16, 2004
an imaginary fish from JD Salinger's short story called "A Perfect Day For Bananafish" which is found in the book 9 stories by Salinger. According to the main character of the story banana-fish are fish the swim into coral reef and holes in rocks to eat the bananas growing there but then eat too many and cannot swim back out and then die because of this.
The story about bananafish is rather sad.
by bogus January 19, 2005

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