an extremely cute, pokeable being with a mustache of justice and a heart of gold.
lavy is so cute0r i just want to poke0r him. grengh
by matt0r January 23, 2003
A word used to substitute the word "lady" or "baby" in songs, especially when substituting the word "lunch" for "love". See the classic example below.

This word is derived from Joe Lavy, a guy who enjoys lunch, and also is a volunteer firefighter, and many times can be seen guarding the beer tent. He's actually not a bad kid, and it's not his fault he likes lunch, or that we sing his name in songs and giggle about it.
"Lavy, when I think about you... I think about lunch...
Darlin’, don’t live without you
And your lunch
If I had those golden dreams
Of my yesterdays
I would wrap you in the heaven
’till I’m dyin’ on the way

Feel like makin’
Feel like makin’ lunch
Feel like makin’ lunch for you
by Gristle McThornbody September 27, 2005
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