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This beautiful outstanding amazing girl. She's everything a guy could ever want. She's faithful, loyal, trustworthy, honest, goofy and more. This girl is very different not like those other girls. Lavie has a big heart that tends to get played with and broken. lavie is also feisty and she is not afraid of anything that comes her way. She punches for like every think when she's mad, sad, excited, embarrasses. But she's a one of a kind so make sure you treat her right.
"Man I made a big mistake I want lavie back " 😭
by Human being January 09, 2017
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This crazy chick who's probably Armenian or Middle Eastern or whatever and likes sucking cock as much as she likes fucking it. She also sounds like that title La Vie en Rose, which is pretty close but doesn't come to compare the silicon beauty that is Lavie. And she likes wearing really short, short, short skirts. So short that you can even see her butthole when she sqauts. Or hits you over with a lacrosse stick.
Dude, that Lavie girl sounds like a total douchebag!
by tei-chan June 13, 2010
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Your sad, sorry life.
"My la vie is extremely sorry and sad."
by SPee[d] August 11, 2006
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