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A real top bloke... Good for a laugh...
Sal is a cool dude.. ya dig?
by Burt November 17, 2004
Lavinia is the hottest Visi grl to walk this plantet all guyz want her but to bad i have her she dominates at beer pong and we get drunk everyday together but never in school of course i wont leave ya unless sum1 hotter (which is hard 2 find) comes along ya ma grl 4 life!
Guy1: Dam tht fine piece of ass came from Visi i gatta tap tht shes soo seductive ill take her candy shopp and let her lick ma lolipop anyday

That grl is soo lavinia its orgasmic
by Burt March 12, 2005
It's a little more elegant now. modern, 30-ish trustafarians are spending January in Jaipur with wealthy, titled euros and spending tons of money on Burmese laquerware. If you smell a mixture of orange blossom and body odor in the air, look for rumpled Italian shirts and shoddy khakis under a navy Blazer.You might want to check at the bar at The Strand Hotel in Rangoon.
My ex. Coke heir, hops artound the world with one small bag.
by Burt April 22, 2004
a female whom you cannot resist; regardless of length of time known. most likely due to her beauty and the amount of interest she incurrs.
I met, fell for, and married a kitters yesterday.
I gave a kitters one hundred dollars because she asked for it.
by burt March 14, 2004
Dirty Sanchez
I'm gonna get Athene Noctual on your as biatch!
by Burt April 29, 2003
To be Pussy Whipped. Controlled by one's dick. Used and abused.
"Boy, that guys cocat
#cocat #sean cocat #pussy whippted #sucker #slob
by burt June 18, 2006
make yourself small or be embarassed
i' ve done something wrong i'm (:)
by BURT March 04, 2005
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