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"a long awaited vagina entry". A girl who you finally manage to have sex with after she won't let you for a long time
"Oh man, that girl was a total Lave but I got it done"
#sex #vagina #abstinence #entry #virgin
by Dirty Scrabble December 22, 2009
A term used in place of the word "love" when one wishes to express a fondness for something or someone, but wishes to do so in a more superficial or less significant way. It originates from Los Angeles, where it is often used in a carefree way, and allows one to create a false sense of camaraderie or emotional attachment. A feeling stronger than like, but less intense than love.
Jillian: Wanna get a smoothie from Jamba Juice?


Jillian: That's why I you, bitch!
#like #love #feeling #l.a. #los angeles
by NYLAsexbomb December 04, 2006
To wash somebody with love
I lave big butts and i cannot lie.
#love #like #adore #appreciate #fancy
by Smartestpersonalive October 01, 2014
verb: to drink a latte.
After I long, hard day at work I like to go to Starbuck's and lave.
#latte #latté #coffee #starbucks #starbuck's #drink
by oheeeeeeeeey October 27, 2010
A kickass, monster from hell. Yet kind hearted, but ready to put the smack down to who ever steps up.
Dude u were totally "lave" out there.
I know right.
#mike #molly #beast #hell #kate
by jewsion666 July 07, 2010
to have a severe man crush on another man. The act of having a severe crush on another man. Usually used in the realm of World of Warcraft
Man, I really lave you a lot.
#love #crush #man love #man crush #world of warcraft
by Giggidigoo September 16, 2006
Its means money usually using in Europe mostly in Asia. Usually using by people who are "G" or respectable people
Hey 'sup let's go eat where i'm starving!!!
Do you have lave?

I didn't have lave to buy condoms!!!
Yeah man its sucks!!!!
#lave #money #maney #green #baks
by Call Me Sn%p March 07, 2007
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