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State of mind, with no regret of being ones own person. One who doesn't strive to be a clone of everyone else. Someone with there own mind set, not willing to change a belief because of anyone but themselves. They don't go out of there way to become someones friend but is a good one if u know one. Not always the nicest, can become pissed off very easily if annoyed but an ignorant asshole.
Foamy-"Goth is not a fashion statement just like punk."

Person 1-"Dude that kid is Goth."
Person 2-"No that kid is emo, Goths can't just go buy a couple things at Hot Topic and be a Goth."
Person 1-"Oh yeah, well that make sense."
by jewsion666 July 16, 2010
A kickass, monster from hell. Yet kind hearted, but ready to put the smack down to who ever steps up.
Dude u were totally "lave" out there.
I know right.
by jewsion666 July 07, 2010
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