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1. An amazing dessert made from a milk chocolate dreamy, fluffy cake filled with scrumptious molten lava chocolate filling served with ice cold vanilla ice cream on top and drizzled with chocolate and raspberry sause. A specialty of Glory Days Resturant at the Fox Mill Shopping Center
2. A dessert made specifically for teenage girls
3. Sex
4. Better than Sex
5. Better than blowjobs
6. Perfection
Sarah and Emma eat LAVA CAKE at least twice a week.

Wow! That LAVA CAKE was better than sex!

Holy Mother! LAVA CAKE is better than getting a blowjob!

Wow I'd rather die than live without LAVA CAKE.

You haven't lived until you've had LAVA CAKE.
by COHENWAUGH November 27, 2010
When calling it a muffin top just doesn't do it justice. A chicks love handles and fat that just fall over the top of her pants flowing like lava.
You see that fat chick over there? She's fully upgraded that muffin top and has now progressed to a full on lava cake.
by Kaner.88 November 23, 2013
An Island girl's pussy.
Best thing about going to those Tropical vacation spots is getting some lava cake. Mmmmm.
by Oneironauts July 09, 2012
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