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14 definitions by Oneironauts

Flowers are visually stunning, sticky and wonderfully smelling cannabis buds.
John was dry until he was able to find some quality flowers through his local medical dispensary.
by Oneironauts July 09, 2012
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A black girl's pussy.
All I want is some chocolate cake to fall in my face tonight. That would be so tasty, even if it's not her birthday!
by Oneironauts July 09, 2012
8 1
A white, or caucasian girl's pussy.
Anyone think there's too much vanilla cake at this party?
by Oneironauts July 15, 2012
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A particular food store that sells treats, snacks and healthy bites, already prepared, that are each influenced by a psychedelic, usually psilocybin.
Have you been to the Psychedelicatessen? I hear their meats are unique and delicious!
by Oneironauts July 23, 2013
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When you are having a psychedelic experience, relaxed, and you start daydreaming. Except that, instead of a normal, passive daydream, you actually slip into the reality you imagine, sometimes quickly and without notice, believing in what you imagine to be physically interactable. It's like a typical dream, except everything feels very fresh and vivid, and you're typically lucid enough to get out of it in a flash if you need to. Returning from a psychedelic daydream will leave you mystified and refreshed. All it takes is relaxation and the psychedelic will guide you into your imagination. Many psychedelic users are not aware of how easy this is because they are typically submerged in physical activity, whether by themselves or with others, not allowing their brainwaves to slow enough until they crash (fall asleep).
I had a Psychedelic Daydream yesterday. It was incredible, I really thought I was back on the beach!
by Oneironauts July 23, 2013
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An Island girl's pussy.
Best thing about going to those Tropical vacation spots is getting some lava cake. Mmmmm.
by Oneironauts July 09, 2012
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A lesbian's pussy.
"You know you're trying to score with a fruit cake, right?"
"No way."
"Yeah, she told me earlier."
by Oneironauts March 07, 2014
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